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Camellia Xueyi – The 11th Art

I am Camellia Xueyi, who is a multi-disciplinary and independent artist and researcher.

I have done three masters, Telecommunication Engineering, Fine Art and Comparative Philosophy. The various background gives me a broad spectrum while thinking and approaching questions and ideas during my artistic explorations. I ask in-depth questions such as what is self and what is non-self, engaging immersively in philosophical contemplation and my artistic research. As a result, the representation of all the processes and potential ideas are shown in various ways: sometimes it is paintings, sometimes it is a mix-media sculpture or even creative paper making.

For me, art is both limited and unlimited. It narrows down an ongoing engagement of this little human form self to be involved with everything around to a particular artistic dialogue; at the same time, it opens up the doors to how we are involved with touchable everyday little things, the sensations widen by every single movement of the art activity.